Stratford Butterfly Farm

As promised in a previous blog; this post will contain the images I managed to capture at Stratford butterfly farm on a recent day trip.

Macro photography has never been a strong suit of mine but I am very eager to practise and hopefully improve. With that in mind, is there a better place to get started than in a butterfly farm for macro that is!

I had tried to capture butterfly shots in the garden during the summer but had been unsuccessful in my endeavour. So being able to visit and shoot at the farm filled a butterfly shaped gap in my photography wish list!

The problem with trying to shoot “wild” butterflies (for me at least) is the the pressure to get the right shot before they fly off, and before you are unable to find them again!

Within the butterfly farm I was able to experiment with different settings, I had the time to try and get the angle I wanted to capture. Being able to shoot freely and without the pressure of time, I am fairly happy with the shots I got on the day.

I feel I should add this isn’t an advertisement for the farm, I did enjoy my time there and would personally recommend to anyone interested in practising macro shots. It was a great day out.

I hope you enjoy the images. I look forward to more nature day trips and putting any new/improved skills into practice in the “wild”.

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