The Weekly

Another week and again there has been a lack of photography, for which I can only apologise for.

I don’t want to label it as a slump but with time restraints and responsibilities, I just haven’t been able to give photography the time it deserves, which is absolutely devastating to me. It is definitely something I need to remedy immediately.

Looking to the future for positives, regarding my photography; I am now able to continue with camera club, which I had to take a break from due to work training. I am looking forward to being inspired by other like minded people and it hopefully is going to light a fire under my bum to get me out more to shoot!!

Nature shots are definitely my comfort zone, I feel confident in what I want to shoot and how best to achieve my vision (depending on what is available to shoot, that is). I am hoping that with the camera club and with more time available I am going to push my comfort zone out, little by little.

I know that not every photography genre is going to suit me but the very least I can do is give it a good go and have a new found appreciation for those that do shoot those genres.

The two shots I did manage to achieve this week, I am very proud of. It was nice to get back to shooting nature after Bath. An observation regarding Blue Tits, does anyone else think they look slightly punky? Is that just me?

I hope you like what I have to offer this week.

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