Weekend Outings

For the last couple of weekends I have been determined to go out into the world to scratch my photography itch (so to speak).

Free time is just so rare, with work responsibilities, family /general life, I definitely don’t get out to shoot as much as I’d like to, I think many other hobby photographers feel that way to.

The first stop on my photography tour was Stow-on-the-wold, St Edwards Church to photograph a doorway. You may be thinking…”why? to just shoot a doorway?” Well; this particular doorway is supposedly the one that inspired Tolkien for his door to Moria in The Lord Of The Rings story.

Even if this isn’t true, you can certainly see why people would think so. Tucked behind the back of the Church, the doorway is very unassuming. To be honest, after shooting it, I felt like I didn’t really capture anything to depict the magic of architecture and nature mingled together.

Looking at my uploads back home and playing about slightly with the edits (I try not to mess about to much with what I shoot) the 2 I have chosen to post are to me my best representation. I am happy I did manage to get something! It all goes towards experience.

Next stop was Witley Court and Gardens, more architectural shooting although I did manage to find some nature shots.

I absolutely love the fountain at Witley, for those who haven’t seen it, the statue in the centre show the moment Perseus (atop of Pegasus) defeat the Kraken to rescue Andromeda (I adore Greek myths too, so shooting this was a delight).

Witley itself is a very grand house, gutted by a fire in 1937 the stone structure still alludes to the opulence that once was.

At the moment there is an art exhibition which is is intertwined within the property. One of the exhibits is shown below. Its well worth a viewing if you get the chance. (In Ruins- 12 July-3 November 2019)

As I was walking around one of the pathways, a flash of red caught my eyes. Tucked right under one of the trees, swamped by various foliage. I had found my first red mushroom!

Fly agaric I think it is known officially. I had to off road to get close, it was the only one I managed to find but this one was enough for me. Worth the muddy knees as I got right down to shoot. The things photographers do for a shot!

The final stop for this set of tours is the unmistakable Stonehenge. I had never been before. I had gone full of optimism that I wasn’t going to shoot the cliche shots, the ones you see all the time. The truth is the best ones I took that day were the standard ones.

The weather didn’t help, very flat grey skies and drizzly rain (I forgot to take a cover, which was poor planning really). A lot of my shots were scrapped as had rain on the lens, which could of been completely preventable if I had been more organised. Again more lessons learnt.

The stones themselves are quite intimidating, I was quite naive really. I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to show this aura in my pictures and having played around with some of the shots to monotone I have hopefully given a sense of what I felt that day. Fingers crossed!

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