Charmouth Beach

It has been a quiet week since the last time I posted. Since my low days the other week I haven’t been too motivated to get out with the camera. Even though my mood at present seems ok, things I once found easy has become a little strained.

I guess this is natural, all throughout these strange times, since March, there haven’t been many days, where I haven’t been out with the camera. Managing to shoot things I never dreamt i’d be shooting e.g. macro, I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Really I should cut myself some slack for experiencing this lull. Always my own worse enemy.

The one day I did get out was to the gorgeous coastline of Charmouth beach. I have always wanted to visit the Jurassic coast, as a little girl I had a very keen interest in dinosaurs and the thought of maybe finding a fossil on the beach was an exciting prospect.

I was extremely lucky with the weather, bright blue skies and glorious sun. The sea sparkled, it was just beautiful. Its a place (like many others mentioned within previous blog posts) I would absolutely love to return to.

On this occasion, unfortunately I was unsuccessful in finding any fossils, but that did not diminish my enjoyment in trying to find them or my time there. Being at the seaside always makes me feel calm, fresh sea air, the sound of the sea, even on grey days I am just drawn to it. At some point in my life I would love to live nearer the coast. Maybe, one day?

As I write this post we are welcoming the 1st of September, for all the uncertainty of this year, it has not stopped time passing so quickly. In a way I’m thankful that time hasn’t dragged its heals, I would hate to think of how my mental health would have survived if the days had felts like months and the months had felt like years. Probably best not to dwell on something that is not the case.

Another season over, the summer winding down. I look forward to the colours of autumn , with crisp mornings and cosy evenings. I know that some are not overly keen on the weather cooling down, preferring the warmer seasons but for me autumn holds a charm.

I am hoping to get back into reading books, something I once used to do a lot but has been neglected for a long while. The darker evenings make for a compelling time to read horror, thrillers or mystery. Do you find the different seasons make you reach for certain genres?

I hope the past week has found you well, until next time, take care.

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