Weekly Watch

12th – 18th August 2019

From the lack of photography last week; this week has been distinctly better. Hooray!!

One of the reasons for this; I have finally been able to make the jump to a full framed DSLR. I am aware that this may not mean much to some. In Layman’s term; it’s a much improved camera.

Disclaimer: that is not to say my photos will be distinctly better (I am very much an amateur) I’ve been getting used to using it and there has been a lot of experimenting with settings (I won’t bore you with the technicalities, as I’d probably get it wrong anyway!).

So there has been lots of practising, whenever I get the chance to. I continue to focus on the bird feeder for my subjects.

My hope for the near future; once I’m confident with the new kit is to scout out a few nature spots near me to one; vary the content for you the viewer and two; push myself out of my comfort zone, which in turn should help me improve! Fingers crossed!

There have been a couple of comedic shots, my personal favourite is the Juvenile Robin seemingly getting told off by the Great tit. I hope you enjoy this weeks weekly.

Weekly Watch

When first thinking about what content I wanted to add to my blog, a gallery of what I’d seen around my area each week was top of the list.

It combines my photography passion and being able to share and discuss what I had seen. I’ll always try to name what any species shot and where they had been located; more often than not in the garden.

22nd-29th July 2019

This past week has been excellent for garden wildlife visits. Whether this has anything to do with the warmer weather; I am unsure. There have been many first-time visitors to the garden, the biggest surprises were the Field Vole and Nuthatch.

I posted the Vole photograph initially to my Instagram feed; I had identified it as a mouse. It never would have crossed my mind that it could be anything different. I was asked “is it a mouse?” which made me start to dig a little more into its identity. I had a small mammal with an identity crisis!! With a bit of help from the comment section and google lens, we got the identity in the end. I mean I still would have been happy if it was a mouse, but I don’t think I’ve seen a Vole in the flesh until then which adds to the enjoyment of getting the pic.

The Nuthatch was another lovely surprise, I’ve never seen one in the garden before let alone at the feeder. At first glance I thought it was another Blue Tit, but something made me give it a second look. I’m so very glad I did! It was glorious, it didn’t stay long, and I almost missed the shot, I must have had a bit of luck on my side.


Hi, I’m Rucoby.

Hi! I’m Rucoby a.k.a Donna, I’m a 34 year old photography enthusiast based in the West Midlands, UK.

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog for some time ; as I’ve always enjoyed writing and finally I have summoned up some courage and have taken the plunge! So let the fun begin!

“So why now?” you may ask….the answer is simple. I found my passion. I’ve found something I want to share! Photography!

A bit of background information; I came to photography in my mid twenties, picking up my first DSLR in 2014. I attended a few evening photography courses back then and absolutely fell in love with the process.

Photography in all it forms has permanently become one of my biggest loves, I cannot express fully the joy I get with photography, as the blogging progresses I really hope I am able to demonstrate this.

It serves as my creative outlet, even if I don’t feel confident with what I am shooting, I am always willing to give it a good go! I primarily shoot nature shots but I do try to push myself outside of my boundaries every now and then.

I want to share my photography adventures, locations (which you may like to visit after), what I have learnt along the way and everything else in-between.

I am always looking to improve my skill set and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I will also add that I will be documenting my own mental health within this blog, as photography is very much a part of my therapy. It allows me to focus on more than myself and exhibit how I see the world.

I really hope you enjoy what is to follow! I look forward to talking to you in the comments.

(All photos used on my blogs are my own unless otherwise stated.)